Why would a tree with a sweater on it be out of the ordinary?

Apparently, my 84-year-old mother, going on 24, is far more hip to the happenings in Olympia WA than I am.  She lives with us, doesn’t drive but reads the local paper, The Olympian, every day, and knows just enough of how to use the Internet to be dangerous.  And she is always highlighting activities for me and my husband to do in Olympia (because she thinks we don’t get out much).

Today, she educated me on yarn bombing.

“What the heck is that,” I asked.  Sounds pretty violent for a docile craft material.  Couldn’t there be another name for it?  I mean, really.  I’m concerned about writing a blog with the word, “bomb” or “bombing” in it. (Hey, NSA, how are you today?)

Over the summer, while driving around town, I had noticed there were knitted “cozies” around trees, sign posts, and just about anything else.  Nothing in Olympia surprises me much anymore.  Why would a tree with a sweater on it be out of the ordinary?  Per my mom, and plus her verification on the Internet, these trees and sign posts had been “yarn bombed.”

Inspired by this, she yarn-bombed her walker.

For those of you who do not know my mother, you might think this is sweet.  For me, I have totally different feelings about this.

  1. Guilt – my mom is totally bored out of her mind and has to fill her days with knitting clothes for her walker.
  2. Fear – I have her DNA and I’m heading down this path. My husband looks at my mom and then looks at me.  I know what he’s thinking.  He’s praying Michael’s will go out of business by the time I’m 80.
  3. Awww, isn’t this cute – that was a very fleeting thought.

But I’m sure I do plenty of things to embarrass my mom, but honestly, it’s been pretty much the other way around for my entire life. Trust me, it has been. And it just continues on, even at our ripe old ages.  But I’ll give her credit for living a life filled with creativity and ingenuity.  Luckily we live in a creative and odd-ball community, and I’m sure she fits into Olympia WA better than I do!





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