Where is the best place on the golf course to buy a home in Indian Summer Olympia WA? Tee Box, Fairway or Pin?

Where is the best place on the golf course to buy a home in Indian Summer Olympia WA?  Should you buy a home on the:

  • tee box
  • fairway, or
  • the pin? 

Indian Summer Olympia WA fountainLiving on a golf course, such as the Indian Summer Golf & Country Club, means beautiful views from your backyard of scenic and relaxing vistas.  The golf course is maintained daily with meticulous grooming, and the hills and valleys are like a rolling green ocean.  Golf communities like Indian Summer do not allow walls or fences, which gives the illusion of your backyard going on forever.  Golf course living is attractive to many, but be sure to investigate where your new home sits in relation to the golf course.

So where is the best place on the golf course to live – the tee box, the fairway or the pin?

The tee box is the most dynamic place of the golf course.  Indian Summer Golf Indian Summer tee box& Country Club is rated as one of the more difficult courses in Washington, and challenges most players.   So it isn’t surprising that it is here where you will witness the fulfillment or the crushing of dreams for golfers in a single swing of the club.

But living on the tee box has its plusses:

+ You can just about eliminate the chances of a golf ball ending up in your yard or hitting your home.

+ The tee box is where golfers are the happiest (before they tee off).  They are filled with so much hope and optimism!  After they drive, see the minuses below.

– This is probably where you hear the most profanity at the highest decibels.  If a golfer misses at the tee box, they usually miss really, really big. 

– Golfers tend to gather here if the course gets backed up and they are waiting for the group in front of them to get out of driving range.  If the golfers aren’t cussing, they are chatting away. 

– Golfers also spend the most time at the tee box.  This is a chance for them to get a drink, clean off their clubs, practice their swing, and try to relax before their drive.  Again, more noisy chattering.  

Indian Summer fairwayOnce golfers tee off, they head to the fairway.  The fairway offers:

+ The best, sweeping views of the course. 

+ Golfers are using their indoor voices here.  They have accepted where their drive has landed and are concentrating really, really hard to get to the green.  Their optimism has returned that they can make par.   

– The fairway is where you have the highest possibility of golf balls ending up in your yard.  If you are 180 to 250 yards from the tee box and on the right side, you may be in the hot spot for sliced golf balls. 

– The golf cart paths usually have ended, and you’ll find golf cart drivers going all over the place on the course, including the edge of your property.  They may be a little too close for comfort.

The golfers have made it through a difficult par 5 and now they get to the green, the pin, the flag, the home stretch.

Living at the pin can be very exciting.  At professional events, the pin is where theIndian Summer pin crowd wants to be.  Like at the tee box, dreams can be made or crushed here.

+ Cheers of elation can erupt when the putt is made. 

+ The pin position and flag colors change every few days to challenge the players but you get new views.

– You may witness grown men (and women) cry, have a melt-down, a temper-tantrum, or curse the groundskeepers for not cutting the hole right.   

So where is the best place on the golf course to buy a home in Indian Summer Olympia WA?  Every section of the golf course is a wonderful choice. 

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