What your desk says about you behind your back.

FINALLY!  An article written by a psychologist who states that having a neat and organized desk is a good thing!  Neatniks, rejoice!

As a self-proclaimed organized neatnik, I embrace this study by Kathleen Vohs, a psychologist scientist at the University of Minnesota.  Kathy is my kind of gal.  She and her fellow researchers have found that “working at a clean and prim desk may promote healthy eating, generosity and conventionality.” 

My new BFF goes on to say that “a clean setting leads people to do good things: not engage in crime, not litter and show more generosity.”  In other words, the environment, whether tidy or messy, made a difference in how people behave.

Now my pal Kathy wouldn’t be a good scientist if she didn’t also research the behavior of the messy desk owners, but just let me enjoy the neatnik part!  You can read the article here to get the balanced viewpoint.

I looked around at my colleagues’ desks at Coldwell Banker here in Olympia, WA and I would say that we are split 50/50 – half of us are minimalists while others appear to need the services of 1(800) JUNK.

Here are two extremes:

The Neatnik Desk

Yes, the first desk is not an empty desk!  It is a desk of a full-time agent.  She just happens to be a paperless agent (and gets excited when she can find free cloud storage).  She plays by the rules (which her broker appreciates), and transactional issues don’t fall through the cracks.

The Messy Desk The second desk personally causes me a lot of anxiety!  But this agent does fit the profile that Kathleen Vohs discovers.  This agent is very creative and solves problems, albeit sometimes unconventionally.   She also is one to break free of tradition.

What kind of desk works for you?

There are, according to this study, benefits of each, however, for once, someone is praising having a neat desk!  Chalk one up for the neatniks!  (And yes, the first desk is mine!)


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