What is a Smurf tube in new construction in Olympia WA?

What is a Smurf tube?  And why would I want one in my new construction in Olympia, WA?


A Smurf tube is a conduit for all those TV wires and cables.  The tube is blue so many builders in Olympia WA nickname it a Smurf tube. 

With many floor plans calling for flat screen TVs to be hung on the wall above the fireplace, it leaves the new owner in a quandary about what to do with all those cables.  Draping wires over the fireplace mantle isn’t too attractive.  That’s where the Smurf tube comes in. 


What is a Smurf tube in Olympia WA?







Builders install an electrical outlet and the Smurf tube above the fireplace.  When installing your TV, feed the cables and wires through the Smurf tube.  The Smurf tube’s ending point is to the side of the fireplace where all your TV components would be like the cable box, DVD, etc.  This system keeps cables and wires neat and secure.


When looking to buy new construction in Olympia WA, ask to see if the builder installed a Smurf tube.


If you’re interested in buying new construction in Olympia, WA and interested in finding homes with a Smurf tube, call me today!


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