What happened when I used Fred Meyer’s ClickList online shopping feature

What happened when I used Fred Meyer’s ClickList online shopping feature……I’ll tell you what happened…..pure joy and bliss!!   My life has changed!

Simply put, I ordered my groceries online, selected the time of when I would be there to pick them up, pulled into a reserved parking space just for ClickList shoppers and called the number on the sign.  Then my knight in shining armor showed up with a wagon filled with groceries and he loaded the bags into the car!  I’m in love.

The Fred Meyer in Lacey, WA now offers this magical service!

The ClickList shoppers selected better produce than I could have.  When I was shopping the old fashioned way of actually going into the store, it was basically armageddon in the produce section and I just grabbed whatever I could, and screw the plastic bags that were stuck together that I couldn’t open.  I just threw bare, unbagged produce into the shopping cart and hauled out of there as fast as I could.

The most perfect onion I’ve ever seen – thank you ClickList shoppers!

But the wonderful ClickList shoppers not only were able to open the produce bags but they also put on twist-ties!  Yes, twist-ties!  I’m so in love with these people!

Grocery shopping has become the bane of my existence.  I hate everything about it – driving there, finding parking, finding a cart that works, fighting through the aisles, waiting in line, and don’t get me started about the mistake of going there on the first Tuesday of the month.  (You know what that means, right?!  Just stay home on that day – who cares if you are out of food – wait until the next day – trust me!)

ClickList is a beautiful thing.  I love it.  I am a ClickList Shopper for Life!


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