What Buyers Can Expect During the Home Buying Process in Olympia, WA

What can you expect when you are buying a home in Olympia, WA?

In short, a lot.  An experienced Realtor working for you can mitigate many problems before they occur.  Communicate with your Realtor and your mortgage loan originator and ask questions so that you are prepared to handle any bumps along the way.

Here are common things that most likely can and will happen for buyers during the home buying process.


  • You can expect…the closing date to change, and it may change multiple times.  There are just as many variables that can delay a closing as can expedite a closing.
  • You can expect…to have some buyer’s remorse.  This is very normal.  Change of any kind takes time to adjust.  Give yourself some time to get used to your new surroundings.
  • You can expect…to be told how much money to bring to closing with very little notice.  It’s common for you not to know the final dollar amount until the day before closing.
  • You can expect…to be annoyed with the lending requirements, the last minute paperwork that is required and the minutia of what your lender is asking of you.
  • You can expect…to be excited about your newly accepted offer and be tempted to announce to the world that you are buying a new house.  Don’t unless you are very vague.  Too many excited buyers have harmed their own transactions by posting the address, the purchase price, photos, etc. prior to closing.  Your offer is confidential until closing.  Wait until you have moved in before you divulge any details.
  • You can expect…your lender to pull credit reports, verify employment and other verifications the day before you close.
  • You can expect…the process to be a confusing blur.  Real estate transactions are very complicated and more and more paperwork will always be required.  Rely on your team of experts to walk you through the process.

These are just the few things you can expect when buying a home in Olympia, WA or anywhere.

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