Top 25 list of things home buyers in Olympia, WA should absolutely NOT do!

Home buyers in Olympia, WA sometimes do very bad things to harm themselves when looking for a home and also when they are under contract to purchase a home.  During this time period between home hunting and move-in day, do not do any of these things on this list.  Be sure to ask me, your lender and the experts if you think you might commit a “don’t!”

Here is the top 25 list of things home buyers in Olympia, WA should absolutely NOT do:


  1. Don’t quit your job.
  2. Don’t change your job.
  3. Don’t change your marital status.
  4. Don’t change your name.
  5. Don’t buy any large ticket items like furniture for your new house or a car (or anything over five dollars!).
  6. Don’t make mysterious bank deposits (all funds need to be traceable).
  7. Don’t open or close credit cards or lines of credit, or pay off debt without first speaking with your mortgage loan officer.
  8. Don’t speak with sellers directly – that’s why you have your own agent.  (Loose lips sink ships.)
  9. Don’t lie to your Realtor.  She’s on your side.
  10. Don’t fill out your mortgage loan application with made up, wishful thinking numbers.
  11. Don’t forget to let your mortgage banker know about child support, alimony, wage garnishments or any other payroll deduction.
  12. Don’t make any major purchases (did I mention that already?).
  13. Don’t take advice from the peanut gallery – those folks that haven’t purchased a home in the last year in the same area.
  14. Don’t wait to write up an offer just because you want to make sure you see every single house on the market.
  15. Don’t call the listing agent or contact the seller of a For Sale By Owner home.
  16. Don’t go to new construction sites without me.
  17. Don’t forget to tell me if you have a house to sell in order to buy.
  18. Don’t delay in getting the requested information to your lender.  Yes, it will be a lot of stuff but delaying can harm you.
  19. Don’t use a lender you found on the Internet that offers a deal too good to be true.
  20. Don’t rule out the homes you see on the first day of house hunting.  You might find the perfect house immediately.
  21. Don’t be distracted by a seller’s possessions when touring an occupied house.
  22. Don’t bring your dog when touring homes.
  23. Don’t believe a seller will sell their home to you for 50%+ off the asking price.
  24. Don’t be unyielding and uncompromising during negotiations; you’ll get more with a win-win negotiation approach.
  25. Don’t be unprepared for your real estate journey!

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Written and originally posted by Francine Viola on her blog