Timing is everything when it comes to lighting up your house

Timing is everything especially when it comes to illuminating your house.

I have four sets of outdoor lights with light switches all over the house. Out of laziness, I don’t run around the house and garage flipping light switches to light up the outside of my house, therefore my house looks pretty vacant once the sun sets. Not the look I’m going for, so to solve this issue, I invested in these sleek new programmable timers.

I purchased these from Amazon, and replaced the light switches with these timers. They were very easy to program and look pretty cool, too. The best part is these particular timers do not need to be re-programmed when the time changes. It has a setting where it will automatically come on at sunset.

The benefit to these timers is that my outdoor lights will be on every day. The lighting takes my house from looking like a vacant cave to an occupied home. And it’s nice to have the lights on when you arrive home.

This low-cost improvement was easy to do, and it added value, increased security and improved the curb appeal. Not too many home improvement projects boast minimal time and money to make huge improvements!

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