Throwback Thursday – spring training

Hello 1981!

This was the year MTV was launched, Ronald Reagan was president and Lady Diana married Prince Charles.  This was also the year I was on my Shorewood Elementary School softball team.  (I’m standing between Jennifer and Celeste.)

What fun that was because most of our dads were the coaches, and they usually sent us into fits of giggles with their win-at-all-costs pep talks!  (They were very intense for us 4th to 6th graders.)  They would also yell at us if we got bored in the outfield and started collecting dandelion flowers instead of being focused on the game.  It was pure entertainment!

But I also use this photo in my listing presentation.  Because after all, listing and selling a home is a team effort.

If the outfielder is picking flowers instead of watching for that rare softball flying out towards left field, the team has a problem.  And that’s why you, as a seller, need EVERYONE on your team working together, with the same intensity as our dad-coaches, to get your home sold.  And more importantly, have a Realtor and a team that knows how to sell your home with the least amount of hassles to you.  This is where an educated Realtor with the work ethic and experience comes into play for you.

Don’t settle for just a good listing agent; get a GREAT listing agent.  Contact me today!

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