Throwback Thursday – Shorewood Softball 1981

Realtors, being a social bunch, wouldn’t pass up the chance to re-live some of their youth by playing in the annual Thurston County, WA Realtor’s Softball Tournament.  However most of us are not in our youth anymore.

But that doesn’t stop us.  Our Coldwell Banker team will go up against the other local brokerages in town later this summer.  We don’t exactly have the best record but that’s because we are too busy selling homes and dominating Thurston County to practice our game!

But every year, we also blame this one other local brokerage in town that we swear brings in ringers. And these “ringers” are in their 20s and I doubt they are even Realtors.  They don’t have that exhausted look to them like a failed short-sale can do to a Realtor.

I am old enough and smart enough not to participate in this annual event, however every year it reminds me of my team’s 1981 winning streak at Shorewood Elementary School in Seattle, WA on the girls’ softball team.


Our school was painted pink because that was the only leftover paint color they had that was really cheap but I thought it was fantastic to go to a pink school!  We had a dirt field and a broken set of worn, grey bleachers with splinters.  The dads of a couple of my teammates were the coaches, and they were very competitive and enthusiastic!   Mr. Law and Mr. Milne made us feel like we played for the Seattle Mariners!

I know you probably cannot tell from this goofy-looking group of gals but we dominated the softball league.  Christina was our home run hero, Celeste was our dependable catcher, and I was the pitcher and also the “hot corner” 3rd base.  We had the drive, the motivation, the passion to be #1 and to destroy all the other elementary schools in the land!  We were fueled by sugar and driven to conquer.

Those were the days.

Happy Summer and I wish my brokerage the best this July when they compete!  Like my mom did for our team, I’ll bring the cooler of ice, Band-Aids, and gummy bears for when we get a home run!

(By the way, I’m the one between Jennifer and Celeste.)

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