Seller FAQ: What to do with all the house keys, remotes and keypad codes?

Congratulations – you closed on your house!  Transferring the keys over the new owner is probably the easiest part of the whole transaction but even this task can go awry!  Take these simple steps to deliver the keys to the new owner and avoid getting calls after closing.

How to get the keys to the new owner

Commonly, your listing agent will have the house key from the lockbox and then will ask you to leave all the keys belonging to the house on the kitchen counter.  Or you can give all the keys to your agent.


What to do with all the keys – label them, please!

House keys – If the front door has a different set of keys than the patio door, please label them appropriately.  If your front door has a keypad, leave a note in the house with the code.

Mailbox keys – do not deliver the keys to the post office.  Label the keys with the mailbox number and the location.  There is nothing worse than standing at a bank of mailboxes, trying to figure out which key works (and doing this without having a neighbor call the police).

Garage remotes – leave in the house or with your agent.

Garage keypad code – leave a note in the house with the code.

Community clubhouse/park, gate/entrance keys and remotes – Contact the community or homeowners’ association to find out if you can transfer your keys over to the new owners.  Sometimes the community will require the new owner to get their own key (for example, if a keycard is used instead of an actual key).

Built-in safe – if you have a built-in safe that stays with the house, please leave a note with the combination.

Equipment keys – if the sale includes a golf cart or a riding lawn mower, for example, label and leave those keys in the house.


Sellers, the new homeowners are excited that closing day is here.  Make the key transfer easy and simple for them by gathering all the keys and labeling them.  They and the agents will be most thankful!

And if I’ve missed any keys, remotes or codes that should be on this list, please let me know.


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