Seller catches home inspector stealing prescription drugs

Seller catches thief in the actIn Beaverton, Oregon, this seller captured on video the buyer’s sewer line inspector rummaging through the kitchen cabinets looking for prescription drugs.  Although this is an uncommon occurrence, it should be a wake-up call for sellers, Realtors buyers and contractors.



Wake Up Call for Sellers
Lock up your prescription drugs (as well as guns, jewelry and other valuables).  Or have a plan to take these items with you when you are asked to leave during a showing or an inspection.  Although the buyer’s agent will attend, as you can see, it only takes a few seconds for a determined offender to commit a crime.

Wake Up Call for Realtors
Refer reputable, licensed professionals.  As a Realtor, I can say that I and my colleagues work to protect a seller’s home and valuables, and are very conscious of the trust placed in our hands.

In Washington State, Realtors are required to only refer contractors who are licensed, but even licensed professionals can commit criminal acts.  Word does get around, so using reputable contractors is just as important as determining if they are currently licensed.

Realtors need to stay diligent about shadowing and following their clients and contractors while in a seller’s house.  By not doing so, you are putting yourself, your clients, and your brokerage at risk.  Unlocking the door and then sitting in your car is not a best practice, in my opinion.

Wake Up Call for Buyers, Inspectors and Anyone Else
I always make it my practice just to assume I’m being recorded when I’m in someone else’s home, and my clients and their contractors should do the same.  I remember when Nanny Cams were the rage and cameras were hidden the planted pots and in stuffed animals.  (To this day, when I see a teddy bear, I get uneasy!)

No matter who you are, be respectful of another’s home and property.  It’s really that simple.

A Note About Video Recording – Is it legal to record people in your home?
Now more than ever, more and more people are incorporating video surveillance systems in their homes.  It’s no longer a huge outlay of money and time as it was in the past.  In some states it is illegal to capture audio (Washington State is one of those states) but be sure to check out the Federal and your state’s laws about surveillance cameras and videos.

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Originally written by Francine Viola and posted on her blog.

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