Fireplaces – the secret to a better Thanksgiving and other winter holidays

It’s getting cold outside!  I just took this photo this morning of my frosty willow.

C_crystals on willow

This time of year makes me feel like staying inside and starting up the fireplace.  And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, even more so.

But even though Thanksgiving and other winter holidays are something I look forward to, there is also that innate dread that washes over me at times, and that dread is usually spelled R-E-L-A-T-I-V-E-S.  We all have THOSE relatives.  You know, the ones that love to start family drama at the table, or the ones laying drunk under the table, or the ones dancing on top of the table?

So how can  fireplace end the table antics and other bad behaviors?

  1. Fireplaces create instant ambiance.  It sets the tone for a quiet and relaxing celebration.
  2. Fireplaces keep people calm.  The soothing waves of the flames can be mesmerizing.  Sit your rowdy relatives in front of the fire for a few minutes and watch the magic happen as they become glued to the fireplace.
  3. Fireplaces, especially combined with turkey, makes people sleepy and less likely to start a fuss.  Think of it as the natural way to tranquilize your relatives.

Wait, what?!  You don’t have a fireplace?  

But what if you don’t have a fireplace in your home?  Not all homes have fireplaces here in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater, Washington.  (You’d think with our rainy weather, it would be a building code to have a fireplace!)

If you are fireplace-less but want to have sane winter holidays, search here for homes that DO have fireplaces.  Maybe it’s time for you to enjoy this winter with a home that has your own cozy fireplace.

If I can be of service to you in finding your next home with a fireplace or whatever feature is important to you, I’m just a click away!

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