Ramblers (one-story homes) for sale in Olympia WA

Ramblers (one-story homes) for sale in Olympia WA

Why do homebuyers like ramblers in Olympia WA?

ramblers for sale in olympia waFind the current ramblers for sale in Olympia WA.

First, just to clarify, a rambler is a one-story home.  In other parts of the county a single story home is often referred to as a ranch-style home.  But whatever you call them, ramblers are popular home choices for buyers in Olympia WA.


No Stairs – not having to navigate stairs is a big plus for all types of home buyers.  Having a home sans stairs means no more moving furniture up and down a stair case, no more laundry trips and even not having to haul a vacuum cleaner up the stairs is nice.

Long-term Housing Solution – many experienced home buyers can see themselves living in a rambler for many years, and they feel they don’t have to downsize again in the near future.

Easy to Maintain Yourself – having just a one-level home makes it easy to clean the gutters, paint the house, and other chores that might require scaffolding or climbing high on a ladder.

Usable Square Footage – in most ramblers, all the square footage is usable and the floor plan tends to be very efficient to maximize the space.  You won’t find unusable loft areas or odd-shaped nooks as you do in two-story homes.  There is a calming simplicity in ramblers with their straightforward floor plan.

Why don’t developers build more new construction ramblers?

Many developers and builders are at the mercy of the city and county zoning codes, which demand highest and best use of a lot.  But we are seeing many new developments that are offering a few rambler plans or two-story plans with main floor master bedrooms, as builders understand the demand.  Follow this link to search just new construction ramblers for sale in Olympia WA.

How do you find the current ramblers for sale in Olympia WA?

My website is updated in real time with information from the NWMLS on every home currently listed for sale in Olympia WA.  Visit my website for all the homes currently listed for sale, or follow this link to find all the ramblers currently for sale in the Olympia area. 

For customized home finding services, please contact me today, and I can help you find and purchase the perfect rambler (or any other type of home) for you!

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