Olympia’s Waterfront at Percival Landing

Olympia's Waterfront at Percival Landing


Olympia’s waterfront at Percival Landing is always a fun walk along Budd Bay featuring the sites and sounds of the boats and marinas, art sculptures, restaurants, a playground, a picnic area and boutiques. 



Many maritime festivals and events happen at Percival Landing, such as Harbor Days, the Wooden Boat Festival, Lake Fair, outdoor concerts, and much more throughout the year.


What I like about Olympia’s waterfront at Percival Landing is you can easily walk to the Capitol campus, Capitol Lake, Farmer’s Market, and explore the downtown shops and eateries.  You can easily make an afternoon exploring Percival Landing and its surrounding locations.

Percival Landing map


I like to park at the Farmer’s Market, walk along the waterfront past Anthony’s Home Port Restaurant, climb the tower to get a great view of the bay, stroll along the boardwalk admiring the boats from the canoes to the houseboats to the yachts to the tugboats, and then either stopping for lunch at Budd Bay Café or visiting the deli section of the Bayview Thriftway where I’ve discovered the Burrito Bar where they will make a burrito or enchilada to your specifications!  After lunch, I walk to Capitol Lake and make my way up the hill to the Capitol Campus.  My trek is rewarded with a 180 degree view of Capitol Lake, Budd Bay and Percival Landing.

View of Olympia's waterfront and Capitol Lake from Capitol Campus



Olympia’s waterfront at Percival Landing is just one of many sites and parks you’ll enjoy when visiting or living in the Olympia area.  If you are looking to make Olympia your home, call me today and visit my website for more information about buying a home in Olympia.

For more about Olympia’s waterfront at Percival Landing, check out my video tour.


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