Marathon Park Olympia WA photo tour

Marathon Park, located in downtown Olympia WA, is a great place to start your walking tour of downtown Olympia, Capitol Lake, the Capitol Campus, and the waterfront.

The park was named Marathon Park when in 1984 it hosted the trials for the first women’s Olympic marathon for the 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles.  The trials started and ended at this park.

Marathon Park Olympia WA train trestle

As you walk along the trail, you will have views of Capitol Lake and all the wildlife, a bridge over the water to stop and see downtown Olympia, and this train trestle, which is still in use.

Marathon Park Olympia WA

Marathon Park has free parking and no Discover Pass is required, and restrooms are available.

Here is the large grassy area next to the parking lot and the lake where you can enjoy a quiet picnic.

What I like most about Marathon Park is that it is a peaceful 2.25 acre respite.  Although many folks in Olympia know about this gem, it still seems like a hidden surprise as across the lake, there is more hustle and bustle.

Marathon Park Olympia WA duck

I also like that Marathon Park connects to other walks and trails.

Starting at Marathon Park, walk over the bridge to the circular walk around the lake.  On the way back, hike up the switch back trail to the Capitol Campus.

You can get a great work-out in without even knowing it!

Marathon Park connecting trail around Capitol Lake

Check out the slide show video of Marathon Park.

If you’d like to make Olympia WA your home, contact me today!  There’s a lot to see and do in Olympia.

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