Keys to success….start by just having a key

Keys to success….start by just having a key.

Lately I’ve been getting quite a few calls from appraisers who do not have keys to access listings in my market of Olympia, WA.

Nearly, if not all listings in my market have Supra lock boxes, and you need a lockbox key to open the lock boxes.  It’s a simple concept.  However there are many appraisers out there who do not want to be members of our MLS and pay for the key.  Instead they call the realtors to let them in, which not only is a waste of time but also can easily delay a transaction if the realtor and the appraiser cannot coordinate their schedules.

An appraiser without a lockbox key is like a hairdresser without scissors. 

woman-586185__180I did have a hairdresser once who had scissors however she didn’t have a blow dryer. She said she didn’t have time to buy one.  Really?  You are too busy to buy a $50 necessary tool for your trade?! And this was at a higher-end salon.  (I didn’t have time to leave her a tip, either.)

Appraisers not only should be members of the MLS to access market data (as it is their job to analyze market data), but also so they can have a key to access the houses. My key costs me about 3 lattes a month.  And our NWMLS covers most of Western Washington.  Most appraisers in my market would not need to be members of multiple MLS groups.

I’m not sure if these appraisers are “too busy” to get a key or too cheap. But there is no benefit for an appraiser not to have a key to access listings.

Sometimes the keys to success are pretty simple: start by just HAVING a key.


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