Journey of a bathroom remodel in Olympia WA

Finally!  My bathroom remodel project is finished!

We purchased a Craftsman-style house a couple of years ago but it had a very Victorian hall bath with a claw foot tub, lots of heavy wainscoting, a pedestal sink with no storage and a classic black and white tile floor.  Not only did this not fit the style of the rest of the house, it was unusable as a typical bathroom.

Besides the lack of storage and counter space, the claw foot tub was a morning death-defying act just trying to get in and out of it. But the worst part was the shower lining. Since there was no tile surround, the entire shower was enclosed with the curtain and lining. And for some reason, some type of heat vortex was created and the lining on all sides would collapse and engulf the poor shower-taker.  It was like taking a shower in a Ziploc bag. Not really the way I wanted to start my day!

After several bids, we found the right contractors and here is the progression of our bathroom remodel in Olympia WA.  Dan Woollett of Woollett Plumbing Repair (360-491-2510) and Dan Zane of Heartstone (360-790-1065) were the two contractors on this job.

Day 0 – the last day for the Ziploc tub!

Bathroom remodel 1


All the bath fixtures removed.

Bathroom remodel 2


Wainscoting gone, tile floor removed, drywall cut out for the tub and plumbing

Bathroom remodel 3


Drywall backer installed with a lovely shade of purple waterproofing.

Bathroom remodel 4


Classic white subway tile installed.

Bathroom remodel 5


New tile floors installed.

Bathroom remodel 6


Vanity is here with all its glorious STORAGE!!

Bathroom remodel 7


The finished product!  Getting ready in the morning is now a joy.

Bathroom remodel 8

Bathroom remodel 8a

P.S.  Anyone want to buy a claw foot tub?  I have one for sale!

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