If I purchased my home at the height of the market, can I finally sell now?

Get ready to do the happy dance, Olympia, WA homeowners!  

If you purchased your home at the height of the market in 2006 and 2007, you probably have been watching and waiting for the market to correct itself in order to sell.  That time has come!

April 2017 was the first month that we saw gains for homeowners who purchased in 2006/2007.  Although a modest gain, it’s the first time this number has been in the positive.

The data consists of non-distressed sales (no short-sales or bank-owned properties), grouped by length of ownership where there was no significant remodeling.  The original price paid and what the home sold for in April was then factored to determine the average compounded annual gains.

Year Purchased / Average Compounded Gain for April 2017

2007:  +0.3%

2008:  +0.5%

2009: +0.5%

2010: +2.0%

2011: +2.9%

2012: +4.0%

2013: +4.2%

2014: +9.6%

2015: +7.7%

2016: +9.6%


If you are looking to move, to upsize, to downsize or to get a change of scenery, call me to find out where your home fits into today’s ever-changing market. This year may be the year to stop waiting and get your home listed to sell!


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