I think my buyer just bought the dirtiest house in the county

I think my buyer just bought the dirtiest house in the county, and she’s really happy about it!  Why?  Because she knows she saved about $25,000, all because of dirt.

She is not like most buyers.  She has great vision and can see (and smell) beyond the filth in front of her.  (I, on the other hand, spent most of the showing outside because I just couldn’t take it.  And then I was even more distraught when I noticed the smell followed me and clung to my clothes!)

The only advantage I can see of a dirty home is the money buyers can save on the purchase price.  But other than that, there are not many benefits to a dirty home that is listed for sale.  The majority of buyers will keep looking. So sellers, if you live in filth, you just can’t list in filth.

For her closing gift, I thought it would be best to go the practical route, and I purchased just about every kind of cleaner, scrub brush, and other cleaning tools to give her a head start on the big task.

I’m all for green cleaners but I’m not sure vinegar and baking soda could even get the first layer of dirt off, so I purchased the toxic, heavy-duty cleaners to give her a head-start!

As a Realtor, it’s tough for me to see homes in such condition.  It’s my view that your home is typically your biggest financial asset and you should take care of it as best as you can.  Walking into a home where pets are allowed to use the carpet as their bathroom or the living room that is being used as the garbage dump is disheartening for me.

My buyers are also frustrated because they don’t understand why or how a seller would allow their home to be listed in this condition. Sometimes the seller is unable to care for their home, and sometimes the seller just doesn’t care at all.

In the end, this transaction worked out smoothly and my buyer ended up getting a great deal in what is currently a strong seller’s market.  And she got a kick out of her closing gift!

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