How to judge your Realtor by their shoes

How can you judge a Realtor by their shoes?  Are they pristine and flawless?  Or are they decades old and worn?  A shoe can tell you a lot about a person.

My shoes are my resume.  Here is a tour of my 3-month-old shoes that have served me well but will need to be retired.  I loved these shoes but the demands of the summer real estate market has taken its toll and I must bid them farewell.


Scrape from trying to retrieve a key that fell through the cracks of a deck.  When showing a home, dropping the house key between the slats of a deck is a nightmare.  But because Realtors have to do what needs to be done, I got the key.

Worn heel from driving to show buyers lots of home choices, attending clients’ signings and closings for support and to answer any questions, being a courier when sometimes there is just no other way.

A crack from chasing a seller’s indoor cat that escapes when I’m showing the home.  Or chasing mischievous children.

Mud from walking vacant land – my pet peeve, but I will do it with my buyer in search of the elusive property stakes.

Nail hole from stepping on a nail at a new construction site.  And I can’t forget about the drywall dust that cakes my shoes.

Open house sign hammer – my poor shoes have also had to be implemented to work as a tool when I was desperate to stake a sign into cement-like dirt.

My shoes work hard for me but that’s because I work hard for my clients.  So the next time you see a Realtor who has a worn pair of shoes, you at least know they are hard-working, not-afraid-to-get-their-hands-(or shoes) dirty.  That may be the Realtor you want to have on your side when buying or selling your home.

If you’d like to know how I and my shoes can work hard for you, call me today!

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