How to create an auto-signature for text messages for the iPhone

Texting is not exactly my favorite method of communication.  And one of the more frustrating aspects of texting is typing out my name when I am texting someone who doesn’t know me.

I found that using Short Cuts can make texting much easier for me.  Instead of pecking out my name and company, I set up a short cut where I can just type in my initials, and my auto-signature pops up.

Here’s how I set that up in my iPhone:

On your iPhone, go to SETTINGS and go to GENERAL.  Make sure your Shortcut is on.  Scroll down to ADD NEW SHORTCUT.


In the PHRASE section, type out your full phrase like your signature.  In the SHORTCUT section, type in a short abbreviation so that when you type that in your text message, the full phrase will populate.


For me, when I type “fv,” my signature will fill in.


This is also great if you are weary of all the texting acronyms and want to actually spell out the phrase, or any other common phrase.  This is also good to set up a temporary short cut when you are texting someone about a listing and don’t want to type out the address, price, MLS number, etc.  There are lots of things you can do with short cuts that will make texting easier.



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