How to be smart buyers in a sellers’ market – a lesson from my first-time home buyers

Just sold a great house in Lacey, WA to a great family this past month!

These first-time home buyers learned lessons that are good for ALL buyers in this busy sellers’ market.

When the perfect home came up, it was also the perfect home for about 10 other buyers. My first-time home buyers were nervous but confidently submitted their first offer, hoping to beat out the other buyers.  Unfortunately, they didn’t get the house, but what they did get were valuable lessons about being buyers in a sellers’ market.  And they were smart to learn from this what they needed to do on the next house they found.

First, they had all their finances in order and submitted everything the lender needed quickly.  They knew what their budget was, what their monthly payments would look like, so making an offer on that next home didn’t require time-consuming number-crunching.  They were ready to go!

Second, they learned that making decisions quickly would pay off for them.  If the house they liked came up, they did not hesitate to submit an offer.  They knew that waiting could give time for another buyer to come in and swoop up the house.

Third, they wrote a smart yet strong offer where they were still able to get concessions from the seller.  And with their home inspection, they focused on the bigger repair issues instead of the minor issues that would shut any seller down.  In the end, the seller agreed to fix ALL of their requested issues because of smart negotiating.

These buyers were smart in this fast-paced market.  Here are the kind words they wrote after their experience:

“We cannot say enough good things about Francine! As first time home buyers it was a bit nerve racking, but she was incredibly helpful with every step we had take. She really listened to what we wanted in a house/ neighborhood and found us the perfect home for our family. Even with our two small children and busy schedules she was more than happy to show us as many houses as we needed. We highly recommend her to both novice and expert home buyers. 5 STARS!”


You can read this and more reviews from my past customers on my Google page.

If I can help you have a success story, like these buyers, don’t be shy, contact me today!  I’d love to hear from you!




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