How to access your company’s server from home (without hacking into it!)

If your brokerage is like mine and has not switched to a cloud server, you can still The cloudaccess files from your company’s server (without hacking into it!).   The program I currently use is the FREE version of TeamViewer.   

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer allows you to access your computer virtually.  For example, I have a desktop at my office.  If I am at home and I need to pull a file that is on the office server or on the hard-drive, I can access my office computer as if I was sitting in front of it. 

Our office IT guy uses this program to troubleshoot a client’s computer, without having to drive to their location and physically be in front of their computer.  He can sign onto their computer and use it just like he was sitting there.

Hey, Neanderthal – why do you need to access your office server?

I know, I know …  many agents use a cloud server and/or carry everything they need on their laptops or thumb drives, etc.  But…

– our brokerage uploads documents, photos, instructions, etc. that agents need to access on a regular basis, and these documents change frequently.

– our brokerage has currently decided not to switch to a cloud server because accessing the files can be very slow and dependent on your internet speed.  Using a program like TeamViewer is far more efficient than a cloud server for our office’s purposes.

– our office also allocates quite a bit of server space to individual agents.  This is where I take advantage of this space and archive all my transactional files, photos, videos, presentations, etc.  I can free up all my memory on my own computers and put it all on the server. 

– When I need to access a file I worked on months ago, it’s far easier and faster to access it on the server.    

– Plus all my files are in one location – not spread out over multiple computers, external drives, CDs, etc.

TeamviewerWhy do I like TeamViewer?

There are other free programs out there such as LogMeIn, however I like the free version of TeamViewer because you can easily copy documents from one computer to the other.  And you can do this at lightening speed.  It is far more faster than downloading from a cloud server.

What do you need in order to use TeamViewer?

– You need to download the free software from TeamViewer on the computers you want to access.  For me, I downloaded just on my office computer.

– Your office computer needs to be on.  You can’t virtually turn on your computer; you can wake it up if it is in sleep mode, but you need to have it turned on.  Desktops works great for this as laptops will shut themselves off.

– When you need a file, just open up the TeamViewer icon, sign in and get the documents you need.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love the cloud and all the programs it offers.  But I am a believer in using what you have and trying to make it work.  Since our office isn’t moving to a cloud server just yet, I’m using this work-around with TeamViewer so I can still stay efficient yet keep my files organized in one spot.  And you can do this without hacking into your company’s server!

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