Homes for sale over $1 million in Olympia WA

Homes for sale over $1 million in Olympia WA

What kind of house can you buy for $1 million in Olympia WA?

$1 million homes in OlympiaYour home is your castle.   For some, that is a literal translation!  For $1 million and above, you can find your own castle in Olympia WA.  Or you can find a waterfront retreat….or you can find acres and acres of land for farming or just a lot of privacy.

Curious to see the current homes for sale over $1 million in Olympia WA?  Click here to find out! 

If you’d like to make Olympia your home, call me today.   Even if you aren’t in the market for a $1 million home, call me today and I’ll find the right castle that fits your funding!


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