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When Searching Homes For Sale in Olympia WA. . .

Search homes for Sale in Olympia WAUse www.FrancineViola.com.  The benefits of using my site are:

Save listings and be organized.  By logging in, you’ll have the option of saving listings and staying organized in your home search.

Rank listings.  As a signed up buyer, you will also have the opportunity to categorize which listings are your favorites and maybes.

–  Easily exchange your notes with me on listings you want to see.  You can easily exchange these notes with me, saving you time from emailing me which homes you’d like to see.

–  Get the latest listings emailed to you.  As a signed up buyer, you can be the first to know of a new listing that meets your criteria. In markets with low inventory and high buyer competition, this is an advantage to have.

See homes that are actually for sale.  Homes that go pending or sold are updated quickly on my site unlike on affiliate sites such as Zillow and Trulia.  You won’t be wasting your time looking at a listing that has already sold.

Go-to Websites When Researching A Home in Olympia WA You Are Considering 

Here are three excellent websites available to the public to research a home you are considering purchasing:

GeodataWebsiteMy favorite site as it contains a lot of great information all in one place is: www.Geodata.org.  For Thurston County properties, this site offers a lot of information about a property.  You can see a parcel map, real estate taxes, ownership history, zoning, school district, etc.  The mapping feature has many overlays so you can see if there are wetlands on your property, check out current and older aerial views, etc.   You can also see who owns an adjacent parcel.

Septic, well and permit searchMy next favorite site is for property research is:  www.onlineRME.com.  This site is especially important if the home you are researching has a septic system.  You can see the septic pumping history (pumper reports and septic drawings) and also look to see if there were any permits pulled for any work completed on the home.

Thurston County Permitting CenterThe third most important website is the Thurston County Permitting Assistance Center.  This is perfect for not only researching a potential home, but also as a homeowner, this site is an excellent source.  Here you’ll learn things such as if you need a permit to build a fence, links to the county assessor’s office to review your property taxes, and information on current building codes.  These are just a few examples of what you can fine here.

Other Sites for Home Buying Research for homes in Olympia WA. . .

Crime Reports at https://www.crimereports.com/

Trulia.com also has a very good and easy to use crime report.

Crime Report

Thurston County Schools at

Public School Report

Map of Thurston County School districts:

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