Helped an out of state, military seller sell their home in Lacey WA

I’m happy to have helped another out-of-state military seller sell their townhome in Lacey, WA this week!

Working with out of state clients, whether they are buyers or sellers, takes extra diligence.  It’s very easy for miscommunication and misunderstanding of the entire real estate process, especially when you cannot have face-to-face conversations.  Luckily my clients asked a lot of great questions!  I also had lots of information ready to go to share with the sellers on the selling process.

When sellers are not in town and are selling a property, there is a much longer list of things that I worked to take care of, including working with the tenant and the property management company to coordinate the listing, the showings and timing the move-out for the tenants.  The tenants also needed to understand the process even though they were not the sellers.

Many people were involved with this one sale: the seller, the tenants, the property management firm, the buyer’s agent, the buyer and all the lending, title, escrow, inspectors and the appraiser!  That’s a lot of people to coordinate and communicate with in order to have a successful transaction that closed on time!

The seller received three very strong offers, and had the tough task of choosing just one!  Not a bad problem for sellers to have!

Congratulations to the sellers and buyers for this great townhome in Lacey!

If you are an out-of-state landlord and are considering selling your property in the Thurston County, WA area, contact me today.  I can help you, too, have a successful home sale!



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