Google Chrome saved my 10-year-old laptop from Cyber Heaven on Cyber Monday

I know that today is Cyber Monday and I know there are terrific deals to be had Laptopespecially on new computers BUT before you purchase a new computer, try downloading Google Chrome first.  Google Chrome not only saved my 10-year-old laptop from destruction but also saved me several hundred dollars.   Because of this, I need to sing the praises of Google Chrome and its lightening web browsing speed! 

But first, I want to thank ActiveRain for turning me into a geek.  I never was like this before and now here I am all excited about a web browser!  (If I end up at the next Comic-Con dressed up like Princess Leia, I’ll really be mad at ActiveRain!) 

Google Chrome logoLet me tell you why Google Chrome is my new BFF:

1)  Google Chrome is FREE.  Who doesn’t like that?!

2)  When you download Google Chrome, a screen comes up that says, “You’re Awesome”.  I feel so validated.  How many other programs do you download where they tell you that you are awesome?

3)    Google Chrome is very fast when browsing the web.  It was like my ancient laptop was dipped into the fountain of youth!

4)    Because it is so fast, I can now read twice as many ActiveRain blogs in half the time.

5)    There is only one box at the top – you can either type in the web address or type in your search.  Google Chrome calls it the Omnibox.  I call it the Awesomebox.

6)    Google Chrome is simple.  It’s clean, organized and very easy to use.

7)    You can easily search in Incognito Mode, where your browsing history is not saved.  Personally I love this but then again, I don’t have teenagers.

8)    Finally, the fun part about Google Chrome is you can decorate your browser.  No need for the boring grey background; you can use a colorful theme so you can browse in full color!

My old laptop thanks you, Google Chrome.  And so does my patience.  Now one less laptop is in the recycling bin and I can use the money I saved from buying a new computer on something else (and no, it will not be on a light saber!).

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