Getting involved in my local REALTORS Government Affairs Committee!

Today was my first meeting of the Thurston County REALTORS Association Government Affairs Committee.  And yes, it was as exciting as this picture depicts!!  🙂

But all kidding aside, I’m excited to be a part of this committee because this is really why being a REALTOR (over just a real estate agent) is so important:  this committee works directly on issues that impact homeowners and future homeowners.

As a committee, we will interview local candidates running for office, vote to endorse or not endorse candidates, attend city and county council meetings to learn what’s ahead,  and educate our colleagues on what is happening on the political front.

Politics have never been of interest to me, but what is of interest to me are issues that help or hinder homeownership.  Just recently, the Hirst decision was fixed with the help of A LOT of people including REALTORS.  The Hirst decision put restrictions in place for new homes being built that needed to be on wells.  It strangled the development in rural areas for landowners, homeowners and builders/developers.

The “Hirst Fix” made into law last week will allow counties to rely on the Department of Ecology’s flow rules for determining water availability.  Prior to this fix, developers were required to conduct their own hydrology tests which easily could have been a six-figure study with no guarantee the county would approve a well-site under the vague guidelines of the Hirst decision.

After my first Government Affairs meeting, I’m excited to become more involved in my community, work with some of the most dedicated REALTORS from all different brokerages in Thurston County, and to communicate with you and my colleagues the issues that impact us the most.  There is much we can accomplish together!


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