Found the right home in Spanaway WA for a relocating military family

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick and his family who are relocating from Virginia to Washington State.  They had one day to find a home in their whirlwind weekend trip here to the area last November, and we were very fortunate to find the right house at the right time!  They were kind enough to write a review for me:

If you think finding a home to buy in another state is challenging, imagine if you are in the military with very little time to house-hunt and need to make big decisions in a very short amount of time.  That is the typical story of my military buyers.

For Patrick and his family, I urged them to travel here first before his report date versus trying to buy a home sight-unseen.  They agreed and were able to make a weekend trip here.  We had one full day to scour the countryside looking for the right home.

With limited inventory and a list of wants and needs all within a specific budget, we looked at a total of eight homes.  If they didn’t find anything on this trip, then they would have to find a rental home and we would try again in a year.

They found a home in Elk Plain, the southern point of Spanaway.  It has a little bit of a country feel but is close to JBLM and amenities and schools.

If you are a military buyer needing to relocate here to the area, please contact me.   I have worked with many families in very similar situations, and I’m here to help relieve the pressure of finding a home fast!  I ask a lot of questions and work to narrow down the areas, neighborhoods, homes and price so that your house-hunting time is efficient and successful.

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