Downtown Olympia WA

Any time of the year is a fun time to take a stroll through the streets of downtown Olympia.  And recently, we did the fall Arts Walk in October 2017 where stores host local artists’ work of all mediums.  Arts Walk is the perfect excuse to stop in and check out all the unique shops that you might not have wandered into before.  And to discover and appreciate all the creative talent we have right here!  We have lots of innovating artists creating original works of art living in and around Olympia!

It was a beautiful fall day not only because the sun was out and the leaves were turning, but I also had the day off!

What I love most about taking a walk through downtown Olympia is that it connects to everything very easily. I like to park at the Farmer’s Market, and then walk along the waterfront past Percival Landing and then head towards downtown.

Many of my clients are looking to live in the South Capitol area of Olympia just because of the walkability factor to the Capitol Campus and then further north to downtown Olympia and the waterfront.

Downtown Olympia is a small town that is always changing from new shops to new festivals and celebrations.  There is always something to do, something to see and something to discover.  When I have a weekend off, that’s where you’ll find me re-exploring my hometown.

Check out this quick video of what it’s like to live in Olympia, WA!

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