Do you know where your gas cap is?

It’s embarrassing to admit, but even though I have been driving the same car for years, I still forget which side of the car the gas cap is located.  This usually happens when I go to a new gas station or if there are a lot of cars and I need to drive around to get to a pump – this is enough for me to forget which side of the car the gas cap is located.   BUT I learned something new today! 

Next to your gas gauge is an ARROW that POINTS to which side of your car the gas cap is located!

Gas Gauge in Olympia, WADid you know this?  Is this common knowledge?  Because for me, this is an epiphany – it is like discovering that Big Foot actually exists, it is like discovering a cure for the common cold! I feel I should let the President know about this for the good of the country!    

Now I can’t take credit for this.   I recently attended a Terry Watson event in Tacoma, WA where he was speaking to a large group of Realtors and loan officers about improving our business.  Although Terry gave a phenomenal presentation (if he comes to your town, be sure to go!) and I gleaned a lot of information, this was truly a golden nugget of knowledge!   

So the next time you forget where your gas cap is, or if you are driving a rental car, check the arrow on your gas gauge and avoid the embarrassment of trying to stretch the hose across the car!

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