Discovering the wild side of McAllister Park, Olympia WA

Discovering the wild side of McAllister Park, Olympia WA 

Serengeti of McAllister ParkWhile out walking in McAllister Park in Olympia WA, I discovered the Serengeti.  Dry yellowed grass surrounded this lone tree as it stretched up to the sky, hoping for a few drops of rain.

Shaded forest in McAllister Park

I walked a little further to get out of the heat, and found a cool oasis in the shaded forest.  I wasn’t the only one enjoying the shade as I could hear birds and other forest animals breaking the brittle twigs as they foraged for food.

Great Plains of McAllister Park


After a bit, I continued my journey and found myself in the wide open Great Plains.


You just never know what you’ll find when walking in your neighborhood!  You might just discover a whole new world.

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(I took these photos on a hot July 2014 late afternoon when it really did feel like I was in the Serengeti!)

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