Ramblers for sale in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater WA

Ramblers for sale in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater WA are hot properties and are desired homes for residents in the Thurston County, WA area.

Search here for the current ramblers for sale in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and surrounding areas of Thurston County. 

What is a rambler?

A rambler is a single-story home.  Some may call it a ranch.  Others call it the perfect floor plan!


Why are ramblers desirable?

No stairs!   The convenience of not having to navigate stairs is appealing to a wide range of buyers.  Young, old, single, married with kids, empty-nesters and multi-generational buyers all find value in ramblers over 2-story homes.


Why are new construction ramblers hard to find?

In our Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater areas, brand new ramblers are available but not as many as buyers would like.  Many of the new subdivisions have lots that are too narrow and small to fit a rambler. Therefore, many of the ramblers for sale will be older homes on larger lots (10,000 SF+ lots).


Do ramblers have good re-sale value?

In my opinion, absolutely!  With an aging population who is living longer and who is more apt to modify their home than to move to some type of an assisted-living facility, ramblers will continue to have a very strong appeal for buyers.  Every day in my own real estate practice, most of my buyers want ramblers.


If you are looking specifically for a brand new rambler, contact me today and I can easily find those for you and set up that search.  Or if you’d like to narrow down the rambler search by price, location, size, etc., I can help with that, too.  Contact me today to find your next rambler home!



How to save your buyer from over-paying escrow fees for new construction in Olympia WA

How to save your buyer from over-paying escrow fees for new construction in Olympia WA

This post is written to buyer’s agents representing clients who are purchasing new construction.  Buyers, you have enough to worry about; this is not meant to add any more stress to your purchase.  If you have a competent Realtor representing you, you won’t have to worry.  (And you do have your own Realtor, right?)  

How to save your buyer from over-paying escrow fees:

Step One:  Read the builder contract and look for the escrow fee disclosure.

Some builder contracts will include a disclosure that the builder/seller will receive a discounted escrow rate but the buyer will pay the escrow fee according to the fee schedule and not get this discount.   If this disclosure IS a part of your purchase and sale agreement, you won’t be able to save your buyer in escrow fees. If this is NOT disclosed, see Step Two below.

Step Two:  Read the estimated HUD Statement and look at the charged escrow fees.

If the builder/seller DID get a discount in escrow fees AND NO disclosure existed in the purchase and sale agreement, then the escrow fee should be split between the parties equally. 

National builders tend to accept just their own contract forms and not accept the local contract forms, so typically, the escrow fee and how it is to be paid and split is addressed in their forms.  But sometimes, builder/sellers will accept the local contract forms and then add their addenda to the contract.  This type of scenario is where I find the lack of disclosure.

For example, if I write up an offer using our local contracts, it clearly states that the seller and buyer shall each pay one-half of the escrow fee (unless the buyer is using an FHA or VA loan).  And then if I add the builder addenda to the offer and the escrow fee disclosure is not addressed in the addenda, the local contract language prevails.

What I am experiencing as a Buyer’s Agent of New Construction

What I am finding is escrow companies are not following the purchase and sale agreement and they are costing the buyer more in escrow fees than necessary. 

In many cases, this is a moot point because my buyers are either VA where they are not obligated to pay the escrow fee, or the builder/seller is contributing to the buyer’s closing costs.  However, I am concerned because I am seeing this more and more where escrow companies are not pricing rates in accordance with the purchase and sale agreement.

Buyer’s Agent of New Construction:  Please look out for your clients and read the addenda and HUD to make sure your buyers are not being over-charged for escrow fees.

Buyers: If you need a competent and professional Realtor on your side when purchasing new construction, contact me today.  I’ll guide you through the process successfully!

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What is a pre-sale home and how do I buy a pre-sale in Olympia WA

What is a pre-sale home?  This is a home that has not yet been built.  Typically, a pre-sale is offered by a builder building in a subdivision.  You have the options of choosing the lot you’d like the home to be built on as well as your choice of floor plan the builder is offering.

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Buying new construction in Olympia WA – get a home inspection!

It can’t be said enough but if you are buying new construction in Olympia WA or anywhere in the country, get a home inspection

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Buying new construction in Olympia WA and Obtaining Mechanic’s Lien Coverage with your Title Insurance Policy

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