Capitol Christmas Tree 2011 in Olympia WA

Capitol Christmas tree Olympia WA 2011The Capitol Christmas Tree 2011 in Olympia WA is proudly displayed in the Legislative Building located in the center of the Capitol campus.

The Legislative Building features the Capitol dome, which is 278 feet tall and can be seen from all parts of Olympia.  The building was completed in 1928, however Washington had been a state for 39 years prior to its completion.  It took that long for the decision to be made that Olympia should be the state capitol. 

Washington State is the 42nd state.  To recognize this, there are 42 steps leading toOlympia WA rotunda chandelier the entrance of the Legislative Building.  In the rotunda hangs a chandelier, that if put on its side, could fit a Volkswagen Beetle.

In 2004, the Legislative Building was renovated, and as part of that renovation, 144 solar panels were installed on the roof, making this the most solar panels on a capitol in the US.

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Take a look at my visit of the Capitol on a sunny December day.

Be sure to visit the Capitol Christmas Tree of 2011 in Olympia WA.

If you’d like to live in the capitol city of Washington, be sure to visit my website.  Olympia is a beautiful city to call home!

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