Buying new construction in Olympia WA – get a home inspection!

It can’t be said enough but if you are buying new construction in Olympia WA or anywhere in the country, get a home inspection

A new home is NOT perfect.  Most common issues with new construction are pipes and vents that are not connected.  These things can happen.  It doesn’t mean you have a bad builder or the builder intentionally didn’t connect the pipes.  Sometimes these issues are missed.  Don’t rely on city and county inspectors to discover these things, either – they are human, too.    

No matter if you are buying new construction or an existing home, do yourself a favor and get a home inspection.  Or when you move in, this could happen.  Check out this video by George Sharrett of SoundChoice Home Inspections in Olympia, WA.  (Thank you George for this clip!)


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