Buyers are looking for homes in Stikes Woods, Lacey WA

Buyers want to live in your neighborhood, Stikes Woods homeowners!

The two sellers I recently represented in your neighborhood experienced the joys of a seller’s market!  And you can too if you are thinking of selling.

5514 Jackson Farm Loop SE, next to Stikes Woods
Sold for $273,450 (over the asking price) in 1 day.
Sold February 2017


3605 Silver Maple Ct SE
Pending in April 2017 just 4 days after being listed.
Seller had to decide on 1 buyer from the multiple offers!

Both of these sellers prepared their homes for sale, priced the homes right, and had professional promotion; all of these actions created the perfect storm for a successful home-selling experience.

Right now, there are limited listings available for buyers in your neighborhood. And with two recent sales, I know this first-hand.  Buyers are looking for homes in good condition, in a great location with backyards bigger than a postage stamp!  And Stikes Woods has this.

If you’d like to know more about how your home fits in the market place, contact me today!

Also EMAIL me and I’ll send you my pre-listing packet with the same top strategies I shared with these sellers to get your home sold.  You’ll also see marketing examples of what I do for my seller clients to properly and professionally market your home.

Don’t be shy—contact me today! I’m here to provide you with the facts so you can make the best decision for YOU.

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