Automated Water Meters coming soon to Indian Summer in Olympia WA

Indian Summer residents in Olympia WA to get automated water meters next week.

During the second week of February 2014, Indian Summer residents served by the City of Olympia for their water will get a water meter make-over!

water meters in Indian SummerThe current system of manually reading water meters will now be updated to an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system where Indian Summer residents’ water usage will be collected by a combination of mobile and fixed-network technologies.

The water meter will be equipped with an antenna that will be drilled through the meter box lid.  You may not see any difference in appearance of the water meter box.

Per the City of Olympia’s website, this AMR system will “enhance the City’s ability to run the water utility efficiently and at the lowest cost possible, and will provide better information to help with managing water conservation issues and responding to customer inquiries.”

How to prepare for the installation of the AMR system?

You do not need to be home.  If the water meter is to replaced instead of retrofitted, then your water will be off for 10-15 minutes.  Otherwise there won’t be any interruption in service.  The work will be done Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM to 6 PM.

Will this affect my water bill?

According to the City of Olympia, yes.  Because this meter reading technology is more accurate, residents with the AMR systems may see an increase in their bill.

Benefits of the AMR

There are benefits to this new system which include reducing the operating costs and fuel use from meter readers, improving the billing process to be more efficient, and detecting water leaks quickly to save the resident from water wastage.

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