At your home inspection, be sure to bring your toolbox!

Home inspectionBuyers:  As your home inspection may take a few hours, this is a great opportunity for you to get out your toolbox and get to work on the house!  (Not THAT toolbox – your toolbox of pens, paper, a measuring tape, and a camera!)

Home inspectors are a great source of information about your new home and I recommend that buyers follow the inspectors around to ask any questions.  But during the down times of the home inspection when your inspector is on the roof or in the crawlspace, this is a great opportunity to document the house.

1)  Measure

home inspectionFor all my buyers, I recommend they measure rooms, doorways, hallways etc. so they can have a plan when they move in and know where to place their furniture.  Counting the number of windows and doors, as well as measuring windows can give buyers an estimate in the number of window coverings they may need.  And don’t forget to measure where the refrigerator will go and the space for other appliances such as the washer and dryer.

2)  Document with photos/video

home inspectionDocumenting the house in photos and video is also a tip I highly recommend for buyers, especially if the home is occupied.  Not only is it difficult to remember the paint color of the bedroom or how many kitchen cabinets there are, it’s also important to note the condition of the home.  Take photos of the floors, the walls, the light fixtures, the appliances that stay with the home, and any other items that stay will the home.

Although rare, sometimes sellers pack up things that are supposed to stay.  Or worse, swap out the high-end fixtures or appliances for lesser quality items.  Again, this is rare and most sellers do a great job in leaving the home in the same condition but if there is a question, your photos may be the key to resolving any issues.

Be productive during your home inspection, and get out your toolbox to measure, document and get excited about your new home!

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