“Is it standard or is it an upgrade?” Buying new construction in Olympia WA

When buying new construction in Olympia WA, sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what is NOT included in the purchase price.  Or, in other words, what is considered an upgrade and what is considered standard with the purchase price. 

For example, as a buyer of new construction, you may assume that windows screens areWindow screens are an upgrade included in the sales price.  Sometimes they are not included, and if you want screens, you would have to pay extra for this “upgrade.”   (Yes, keeping flying bugs out of your home is, by some, considered an upgrade.)  But don’t despair if you are buying new construction in Olympia WA. 

Below are some common items that may not be standard and are considered upgrades.   Be sure you understand what is included in the purchase price; and if it isn’t included, discuss with your agent about negotiating these particulars.

The home may be wired for certain appliances but the actual unit will not be installed or included in the sale (unless you negotiate for it).  Examples of this are:

·        Garage door opener and remotes.  Sometimes just the wiring is installed but the actual garage door opener is not.  Or if the garage door opener is installed, ask how many remotes are included.  Sometimes only one remote is included (instead of two) or worse, no remotes are included.


·        Garbage disposal.  Just like with the garage door opener, the kitchen sink may be disposal-ready but the disposal itself is not included with the sale.


·        Air conditioning.  The furnace may be wired and plumbed for air conditioning, however the actual air conditioning unit is not included. 

Other things to look for are:

·        Appliances.  Understand which appliances are included and which are not. 


·        Gas fireplace.  Many new homes have gas fireplaces that are just for cosmetic purposes.  Find out if the fireplace has a blower (to heat the room) or if one can be added.


·        Landscaping.  What will be landscaped?   The front yard only?  The back yard?  Both?  Sometimes only the front yard will be landscaped and the backyard landscaping is an upgrade. 


·        Fencing.  Is fencing included?   


·        Cabinet pulls.  Check to see if this is included or if it’s an upgrade.


·        Blinds.  Some builders include blinds and other window treatments as their standard; some do not.  Make sure you know.

And finally, my favorite:

·        Window and patio door screens!   

Live like a king with your upgradesAlthough this list is not exhaustive, it should give you a good start when you are ready to buy new construction.  Most builders will provide you a detailed specification sheet that lists what is included, but again, the hard part is determining what is NOT included.

By working with your agent, you’ll live like a king with your upgrades and be able to open your windows without fear of bugs flying in!


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